The Premier Pools & Spas Story

After working for other pool companies for many years, Paul Porter and Keith Harbeck decided that they would open their own business in 1988 and raise the bar for swimming pool construction. Understanding the importance of providing the ultimate experience for the families that entrusted them with their dream of pool ownership, they focused on one goal – to exceed their customers’ expectations and make them customers for life.

By 2010, with this philosophy growing their company to over 25,000 pools built, Paul Porter realized that it was time to share their successful business model and began offering licensing opportunities to smaller builders. Within four years, the Premier Pools & Spas organization grew to over 35 locations, four of which made the Pool & Spa News’ Top 50 Builder List in 2014. This was an unprecedented accomplishment for businesses so young.* The overwhelming success of the licensing program led to a transition to a franchise model as Paul wanted to provide more structure, services, and a better exit strategy to his offerings.

An Industry With a Long History and a Strong Future

  • The number of installed pools in the U.S. continues to grow every year
  • Over 10 million swimming pools have been built in the United States
  • Each year, thousands of new swimming pools are built


1.9 Million Pools


2.6 Million Pools


4.7 Million Pools


7.9 Million Pools


10.5 Million Pools

Regardless of trends and economic fluctuations, our country’s core values and desires have remained the same. Now more than ever, there is a strong focus on family, the quality of life, and creating great memories for our children. Residential swimming pools have been an investment in these values for over a century and their popularity is growing every year as backyards become an extension of our homes and a gathering place for family and friends.

Our Culture & Mission Statement

Our mission is to change the lives of others with integrity, value and passion. We will enhance the quality of the lives of the people we work with and improve the lives of the people that we are fortunate to work for through excellence in everything we do… everyday!