Jeff Boyer

Owner of our Temecula Franchise

Five short years ago Jeff Boyer, found himself in a situation that is all too relatable for individuals in the pool industry. A down-turned economy and a business that sold a luxury item – pools. Without the necessary tools, partnership and mentorship at his disposal Jeff was faced with a choice: get out of the pool industry and start from scratch in another industry or find a way. The pool industry was home, “I had built pools most of my life with my dad,” Jeff said. After finding Premier Pools & Spas online, Jeff submitted an inquiry. This had to work.

Boyer Family

After an initial conversation with the CEO and President of Premier Franchise Management, Paul Porter, Jeff was invited up to Northern California to visit the Premier Pools & Spas’ office of Sacramento. Jeff stepped into the Sacramento office and was amazed. He saw the collages of company trips dating back to the 1980’s on the wall, then looked over his shoulder and saw the very same employees still with the company all these years later, happy and successful. Jeff reminisces that after his tour of the Sacramento location he said to himself: “That’s what I want. If I’m going to be in the pool industry and I’m going to do this then want to be part of that.” Our company culture is unlike any other as our franchisees are supportive of one another, share knowledge and celebrate successes.

Five short years later, Jeff has adopted and implemented the Premier way, “It’s been a life-changer, going from $500,000 a year to last year $7 million was a huge jump. Premier has laid down a foundation and a path for anyone that is willing to do the work. People know our name, we get constant lead flow. You’re going to find success and the success will come at levels you have never even imagined.” UPDATE: Boyer can now report $8 million in annual revenue for 2016.

Outside of the monetary success, Jeff has matured in his approach to business, “I’ve learned that business is not just about making money and not just about building pools, the true passion that comes from running the business and being a part of something bigger is seeing people make a living off of something that you started.” Jeff, his family and his employees now see financial security as a main stay and he is able to plan for the future with great optimism. “It’s been 5 years, we’ve had amazing success but I still feel like there’s so much more opportunity for us to grow. That’s what’s cool about it. I owe it all to Premier’s system and the things they’ve taught me.”

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