Dennis Carson

Owner of our Los Angeles Franchise

In 2013 Dennis had summed up his business before joining Premier Pools & Spas in this fashion, “We were a small family business doing 23-25 pools a year, 6-12 remodels. Probably the average $750,000 or $1.3 per year, servicing clients, just kind of doing what we thought was best.”

Flash forward to 2016 and his Los Angeles branch (in Ontario, CA) can report $10 million for 2015. How did he do it?


It was 2013 and Dennis Carson of Ontario, California found himself at the cross-roads of a difficult decision: find a way to stay in the pool industry with his nose above water (so-to-speak) or close his doors for good. “We were kind of like the best kept secret in the pool business, not really able to market or to build the business. A little contractor like me, we were spending, even during the recession, $35-$40,000 a year in advertising. We just couldn’t get to a bigger market like we needed to.” Dennis remembers. When the recession came, Dennis had to go for the Inland Empire, Orange County, LA County just to find clients. It was not sustainable. “I couldn’t take what I had to offer to a bigger market, couldn’t afford it, and didn’t know how.”

It was at just that moment that Dennis began finding his solution and it couldn’t have come at a better time, “Jeff Boyer and I, he’s the owner/franchisee of the Temecula, Murrieta store, we have a common subcontractor, plaster. Tony kept saying for a year, you’ve got to check this Premier out! Jeff is getting leads, his business is growing, and I see the great potential in that.” If you have not checked out Jeff Boyer’s Premier Pools & Spas journey, check it out here! Dennis called Premier Franchise Management after-hours and left a voicemail to inquire about a potential franchise opportunity. After speaking with the members of the corporate office he was invited to attend the company summit meeting in Texas. Money was tight and travel seemed out of the question but Dennis just had a feeling that this was going to pay-off.

What Dennis experienced at the summit was an overwhelming sense of community and positivity. He felt renewed, he knew that with Premier he could overcome the feelings he had about his own pool building business. Dennis summed up the feelings he possessed prior to the summit, “The sense of being alone, quite frankly, not having a mentorship, trying to take us or helping me get to the next level.” He knew he had to join Premier Pools & Spas.

In January of 2014 he became a franchisee. His reasoning for joining, “Quite frankly it’s even your own ability, a lot of us start off as sales people, we start out as craftsman, we try to build our business off of those tools but don’t really know the whole picture of what it takes to build a large and successful business.”

Dennis, in closing wants anyone who is interested in Premier Pools & Spas to know that, “Money is important, it really is, it sustains us. But, I think what’s more important is what this business can do for you as an individual. To give you hopes, dreams, challenges and an opportunity to continue to learn and grow and to bring a whole bunch of people with you that have those same hopes and dreams. The ability to build a dream for a client, to help them get something that they hoped for, wished for, dreamt for. They finally get to have it to enjoy and share with their friends and family.”

Dennis Answers Some Questions About His Journey

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